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Dance Away the First of May

Since tomorrow’s a holiday anyway, you should probably just spend tonight dancing…and tomorrow too, for good measure.

April 30th:
SMD / Houle / Beyer
: This one will be huge as three awesome famous DJs take over Spazio Novecento tonight. Adam Beyer, hot off the Swedish techno scene will start the night, followed by the British electro-dance DJ duo Simian Mobile Disco, and then Marc Houle of Canada, mixing old school and new styles of techno/minimal music.
Where: Spazio Novecento – Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26/B
When: ‘Starting’ 10:30 PM
How much: Seems like it’s 25 euro
For more info, check out the detailed (in Italian) Facebook invite

Any Given Monday: Stylophonic will be spinning tonight at Qube. He always does an awesome mix of house, hip-hop, and electro.
Where: Qube – Via di Portonaccio, 212
When: After 11 PM
How much? 10 euro

May 1st:
Festa del Non Lavoro
: If you have never been to Forte Prenestino for one of their parties, this is definitely a good one to try out. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but very worth it. The Forte is a large open space, sort of an autonomous social club/center. Last time I was there, they were hawking their own bottled wine for €7 a pop, and I had a crazy good time dancing and checking out the whole space. Anywho, they have an entire day planned tomorrow with bands and DJ’s all afternoon, so show up early (1pm-ish) and just let the Forte take you over!
Where: Via Federico Delpino
When: Noon +
How much? I can’t find a price but last time I was there it cost something like €3.
For more details on the DJ lineup and other planned activities, check out Forte’s event page, in Italian.

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