Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Rincoglionito

Today’s word of the day, rincoglionito, means an imbecile. It comes from the Italian verb, rincoglionire, which means to become stupid, be incoherent, or to lose capacity to use your brain.

Not that calling someone an imbecile is ever particularly nice, but take note that this word is a bit on the vulgar side.  Why? Well if you look at the word you can see it’s made up of ‘coglioni,’ the Italian word for testicles. The word coglione also means a stupid person, or an idiot.

Of course, you can also always avoid offending others and just use it to refer to yourself.

‘Mi sento ricoglionito perchè stamattina non ho ancora preso il caffe.’ – I feel incoherent because I still haven’t had my morning coffee.

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