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Meet in Town coming to…Town

Festival poster

Meet in Town (MIT), the annual electronic music festival in Rome, is back in…town, on June 8th and 9th. Friday night will be a bit of a warm-up, only featuring three groups and costing €20.  The main event is Saturday, when 12 groups will take stage, and tickets run €35. Until June 8th you can buy tickets online, or you can grab ’em in various locations throughout Rome. LisTicket has more purchasing info, and the full program of performing musicians can be found on MIT’s website.

I have been to this festival the last two years, and I can say that it’s pretty cool. There are always great artists performing, and it’s not as overwhelmingly packed and chaotic as other electro concerts. This is mainly because of the venue, Auditorium. That’s right, you see signs pointing for the Auditorium all over Rome, and for MIT you can actually try and get there! It is a cool venue in general, although for electronic music, it is not ideal (more of a concert space with chairs than a ‘club’ for dancing to music).

Nevertheless, it’s a great festival and an opportunity to hear up-and-coming musicians, as well as some better known ones like Sebastien Tellier.

Happy electro-ing!

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