Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Words of the Day: Rimorchiare, Acchiappare, Abbordare

It’s the weekend, so it’s time to learn some pick-up skillz. Well maybe not the skillz, not in this forum anyhow, but at least how to say it in Italian!

Abbordare: Literally meaning to board, as in a ship, abbordare is also used in the figurative sense meaning to affront, to broach, or to tackle. Slangily, it means to pick someone up, or to chat someone up. In that sense, I suppose it relates closer to abbordare‘s figurative meaning. Maybe taking the ‘to tackle’ meaning to a literal level though…

Rimorchiare: Coming from the noun, rimorchio, or a tow/trailer car, rimorchiare is the act of towing, picking up, or pulling. Coming from the literal meaning, ‘picking something up,’ rimorchiare is used when talking about picking up someone. Here, the literal meaning was taken to mean a figurative ‘pick-up,’ or at least I hope so.

Acchiappare: Meaning to seize, or to catch, it’s pretty clear how acchiappare has come to mean to flirt or pick someone up.

-‘Hai rimorchiato ieri sera?’ – Did you pick anyone up last night?
-‘Non posso acchiappare, sono fidanzato.’ – I can’t flirt, I’m in a relationship.

Happy flirting!

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