Music & Nightlife (dove c'è la musica è tutto bello)

Summer Concerts

Rock out this summer with Rock in Roma

Summer in Rome is bomb. Besides for all sorts of outdoor revelry, there is a huge lineup of musicians and bands playing in Rome. Most of the concerts are in the middle of the week, so get ready to be tired most weekday mornings. Small price to pay though, it’s summer!!!

Below is a summary of the more well-known groups that will be performing. Whether tickets are still available is up to yous guys to check out. I generally use TicketOne, GreenTicket, PostePay, or LisTicket to purchase concert tickets.

PS -August is kinda a dead month in Rome…
PPS – I linked some musicians below to YouTube videos, so enjoy!

24th: Black Lips + Gringo Star + Wildmen
28th: Neon Indian + Grimes (Grimes jam here).

7th: Afghan Wings + After Hours.
8th + 9th: M.I.T. – Meet in Town
12th: Madonna
14th: In the Game of Land
25th: Incubus
26th: Cypress Hill + Everlast (Cypress Hill jam here).
27th: Portishead
27th: Mastodon
28th: Tiesto
30th: Radiohead

2nd: Deadmau5 (Deadmau5 jam here).
2nd: The Cranberries
3rd: Snoop Dogg
5th: Negrita
7th: Boys Noize (Boys Noize jam here).
7th: I Cani (I Cani jam here).
7th: Morrissey
8th: Justice
9th: The Cure + Crystal Castles (Crystal Castles jam here).
10th: Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors
11th: J-AX
12th: Wolfmother (Wolfmother jam here).
12th: Garbage
13th: Armin Van Buuren
15th: Tony Bennett
17th: Lenny Kravitz
18th: Duran Duran
18th: Kasabian
20th: Caparezza (Caparezza jam here).
21st: Alanis Morissette
22nd: Goran Bregovic
23rd: Ben Harper + NNEKA
25th: Subsonica
26th: Beach Boys (Beach Boys jam here – long live Uncle Jesse!)
27th: Simple Minds
28th: Litfiba

2nd: Placebo

Keep it rockin’!

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