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Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?

Her knuckles tensed.

“That’s my thigh,” whined campaign manager Bob Dugan.

Rhianne only squeezed harder.

As the results rolled in from across the country, victory seemingly began to slip from her fingertips, despite her everlasting grip on Bob’s trembling gams. CNN’s Election Center then posted an image that secured her fate. The race was over:

As Bob sighed a laden sigh, the supporters hung their heads, and Rhianne prepared for the long, lonely ride back to the Senate floor, a pimply faced intern burst into the room and shrieked in all his glorious pubescence.

“They got it wrong! The count was wrong! We won! You, President Taylor, you’ve won!”

Yes, in a strange twist of fates and hanging chads, Rhianne Taylor has just been elected the first woman president of the United States of America and Thomas Dewey feels like a total idiot (again). In more important news, she is also the second winner of Young in Rome’s very own geographic challenge, Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?, and now entitled to a large Peroni courtesy of me.

Ms. Taylor correctly identified the sail-esque architecture in this post as that of the Dio Padre Misericordioso, a.k.a. the Jubilee Church, found in Tor Tre Teste.

Join me after the jump for our next Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?…

Bonus points if you can actually spot San Domenico in this photo. (Yes, he’s there.)

The first person in the comments to provide me with the name of this building and (preferably) its location will be entitled to a large Peroni.

Get to it, dear readers! Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?

*Note: San Domenico wasn’t actually a Cardinal. Whoopie Goldberg’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, so, you know. Whatever.

5 thoughts on “Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?

  1. Wow, a true photo finish here. Spacedlaw, FTW. Good effort, though, Le Redaunt. Back/butt slaps all around.

    President Taylor, if it pleases you, you can find me on Facebook and we can try and work something out! I can usually be found at San Calisto if all else fails. Same to you, Spacedlaw.

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