Summertime Dancing: June 14-16

Thursday June 14th:

Roma Vintage Opening Party: You know summer is officially here when Roma Vintage opens its gates! Situated literally next door to my own personal fav, Angelo Mai, Vintage is a huge outdoor space that offers everything one would want for a summer-night outing. Tonight there will be cotton candy, popcorn, cupcakes, tons of DJs, and a vintage market, just to name a few things. The space is open every day, and there are always stalls with food and merchandise.
Where: Roma Vintage – Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 2
When: 9 PM
Cost: FREE! Entrance to Vintage is ALWAYS FREE – (to the market/food area) – price varies for the concert area, depending on the artist.
There are a ton of concerts happening at Roma Vintage this summer. Check out the schedule.

Mencraft Makers Festival: The MENCRAFT Makers Festival, happening since June 12th, and going on until Saturday, is a collection of individuals, work-groups, and small business leaders, who all make up the new wave of contemporary craftsmanship, or the new ‘makers.’ Apart from exhibits of various artists and works, it is also a collection of performances: concerts, readings, films, and live shows.
Tonight there are two particularly great shows to catch. First is La Classica Orchestra Afrobeat, featuring Seun Kuti, described as afrobeat meeting European classical music, for the first time in Europe! The Orchestra is an 11-piece ensemble, hitting the stage with the very talented, Seun Kuti, the youngest son of the famous Nigerian afro-beat musician Fela Kuti. They are scheduled to being the concert at 8:30 PM.
After, comes DJ Gilles Peterson, the Swiss/Brit who has been known to spin jazz, Brazilian sounds, hip hop, afrobeats, dubstep… He has worked with the likes of Erykah Badu and Jamiroquai. He is supposed to start playing at 10 PM.
Where: Aranceria di San Sisto – Via di Valle delle Camene, 11
When: They open the doors at 6:30 PM (with music by DJ Hendrix). First concert starts at  8:30 PM, then the second at 10 PM.
Cost: FREE!!!!!

Both events for tonight are about a 5 minute walk from each other, so check ’em both out!

Friday June 15th:

Refresh #3: Head over to all-outdoor Bibliotechina for their weekly summer party, Refresh! As described on the event page, this weekly party is a mix of popular non-summertime L-Ektrica and Fish’n’Chips parties, with some rum, ice, a spoonful of indie, a dash of electro, and two sprigs of EUR’s maritime pine. With a description like that, how can you not drag yourself to EUR??
Where: Bibliotechina – Viale di Val Fiorita
When: Doors open at 8 PM with an aperitivo
Check out the Facebook invite for more info.

Saturday June 16th:

Sabato Summer Club: Head over to Circolo degli Artisti for their Saturday summer party, featuring French folk singer, Karimouche. After the show there will be a DJ spinning rock, indie, new wave, and electro. In any event, Circolo is great fun in the summer!
Where: Circolo degli Artisti – Via Casilina Vecchia, 42
When: Doors open at 8 PM, concert starts at 10 PM
Cost: 5 euros
For more info, check out the Facebook invite.

Also good DJs spinning at Mencraft again, in case you don’t head over there tonight.

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