Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Accavallata

Accavallata is an adjective meaning overlapping, or overlying, fitting in the category of, ‘Zvia thinks it sounds cool but isn’t really used ever’ words.

It comes from the verb, accavallare, meaning to cross, more specifically to cross ones legs. As a reflexive verb, accavallarsi means to overlap, to pile up, or to crowd.

I couldn’t find any etymology on this word so I’m going to make it up. Accavallata makes me think of cavallo, or a horse. Horses have long legs. Ergo, accavallare means to cross your legs. Orrrrr… When horses run fast it looks as if their legs are overlapping. I mean, why not?

‘Accavallo le mie gambe mentre aspetto.’ – I cross my legs while I wait.

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