Big Screen Sports: Maxischermi on Thursday for Italy/Germany

Thanks to Peerless Pirlo’s beautiful “cucchiaio” on Sunday night, Gli Azzurri are through to the semis of Euro 2012. Translation: Italian badass Andrea Pirlo kicked an incredible penalty shot during a big soccer game on Sunday night against England, helping Italy to win the game and set them up against Germany for the semifinals of the quadrennial European Championship tournament.

Really, what this all boils down to is that the Boys in Blue will be taking on the Germans on Thursday evening at 8:45pm.  You could watch it at pretty much any establishment in Rome with a functional television.  Or, you could watch it outside, projected onto a giant screen, surrounded by screams of “Forza Italia”, “Azzurrrrrrrriii”, and “MARRY ME BUFFON!”

And if you choose the latter option?  Then you should probably make your way over to either Piazza del Popolo, All’ombra dell Colosseo, Parco San Sebastiano/Roma Vintage, or Piazza del Verano in San Lorenzo, locations where you will find a “Maxischermo” (or, JumboTron) set up and broadcasting the action.  We advise getting there by 8, ensuring yourself plenty of time to find a spot and a beverage, before settling in for a beautiful evening of the beautiful game.

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