Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Sterzare

So instead of heading into the Justice concert that you paid €40 to see, when you start to hear music playing, you sit outside at some kiosk, drinking beers, smoking cigarettes. Why? Because no way the super famous French DJs will start on time, and not have an opening act, right? And of course they can’t play for JUST ONE HOUR, right? WRONG. But I digress.

Today’s word of the day is sterzare, which means to steer, or to turn. For our purposes though, it means to split in three, or to share one thing among three people. Even if the word actually means to steer, since ‘terza‘ is found in the word, meaning ‘third,’ we will use it to mean, ‘split in three.’

As in:

‘Let’s split another cigarette and beer between us three before we go in to the concert.’ – ‘Sterziamo un’altra cigaretta e birra prima di entrare al concerto.’

Also related to sterzare is smezzare, or to split in half, or two. For all your needs, keep it going to squartare, squintare…

PS- True story about Justice starting super on time, without an opening act, and playing for only an hour.

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