Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Pioggia

If you were as excited as I was this morning upon waking up, it must have been because of the rain. After a solid 1.5 months of tortuous, no AC-ed living in the heat of Rome, a little rain is surely a gift. In honor of today’s rain, and subsequent cool down, here are some rain-related words for y’all.

Pioggia– The Italian noun (f) for rain.
Example: ‘Hai visto la pioggia stamattina?’ – Did you see the rain this morning?

Pioggia radioattiva– The Italian noun (f) + adjective for radioactive rain.
Example: ‘Hai un rifugio contro la pioggia radioattiva?’ – Do you have a shelter for radioactive rain?

Piovere– The Italian verb for ‘to rain,’ conjugated only in 3rd person singular, and 3rd person plural.
Example: Non mi piace quando piove.’ – I don’t like it when it rains.

Piovigginare– The Italian verb for ‘to drizzle,’ conjugated only in the 3rd person singular.
Example: ‘Pioviggina? Mi porto l’ombrello.’ – It’s drizzling? I’ll bring my umbrella.

Diluviare– The Italian verb for ‘to pour,’ conjugated only in 3rd person singular, and 3rd person plural.
Example: Quando diluvia, non esco da casa.’ – When it’s pouring rain, I don’t leave my house.

Diluvio– The Italian noun (m) for a downpour, or a deluge.
Example: ‘Che diluvio! Per fortuna non devo uscire oggì.’ – What a heavy rainfall! Good thing I don’t need to go out today.

Enjoy the next two day’s cooled down weather, because come Thursday, it’s gonna be just as hot as it was before!

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Pioggia

  1. loving this post. in my first italian language course our professor played us “piove” by jovanotti and it is definitely one of my favorite words. 🙂

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