Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Annoiato

It’s time to whip out a huge Italian-English false friend: annoiato.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived in Italy for almost three years, I occasionally still use annoiato to say that I am annoyed, when in fact, it means bored. Yes, it’s semi-related in meaning, but it’s still incorrect to use the word annoiato to mean anything other than dull or bored.

Related words:
Noia – the Italian noun (f), meaning boredom
Noioso – the Italian adjective, meaning boring
Annoiarsi – the Italian reflexive verb, meaning to be bored
Annoiato – the Italian adjective, meaning bored
Annoiato da morire – the Italian phrase, bored to death

‘Pierpaolo è sempre annoiato quando parliamo di moda.’ – Pierpaolo is always bored when we talk about fashion.

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