This Weekend in Rome: August 10 – August 12

Friday: With temperatures continuing to rise and Ferragosto fast approaching, much of Rome is shutting down for the summer, and moving to more temperate climates. But there’s one last installment of weekend fun, before we suggest you join the crowds and pack yourself off to the beach.  While it’s pretty much unbearable to be outside during sunlight these days, the post-sunset cooldown is making for some lovely evenings.  Head up to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele tonight at 8:45 for an al fresco screening of “Sherlock Holmes” for 6 euro.  If you’re ready to groove a little, cross the tracks into San Lorenzo for the last night of the summer festival in Piazzale del Verano for bands and DJs all night long.

Saturday:  Movies and groovin’ seem to be the name of the game this weekend, and Saturday offers up quite a few more options.  Castel Sant’Angelo is screening “Midnight in Paris”, and you can catch “Benvenuti al Nord” at S. Pietro in Vincoli.  Both movies start at 9:15 and cost 5 euro.  Roma Vintage is hosting the last edition of their Saturday night dance party “Screamadelica”, which, once again, though frighteningly named, is actually a toe-tapping festa of rock – perfect for losing yourself in another scorching Saturday night.

Sunday: If you didn’t dance your face off at Roma Vintage on Saturday night, a return trip might be in order for a sultry Sunday of tango lessons.  The tango class starts at 8, and goes all night long. If you’re just screaming for AC by the end of the weekend, get yourself to Scholars Lounge off of Piazza Venezia to catch the Olympic closing ceremonies.  The bar is cool (temperature-wise), the beer is cold, the nachos are pretty good, and they have about 24 screens where you can watch the Olympic flame be extinguished, to a soundtrack of performances by such classic British bands as Take That!, One Direction, George Michael (oh, and The Who).

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