Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Fastidioso

After Thursday’s word of the day, when I explained that one cannot use the false-friend, annoiato to mean ‘annoyed,’ I’m sure everyone was thinking to themselves: ‘Well, Zvia, how does one say annoyed in Italian then? Tell us! Please tell us!’

OK, simmer down, I’ll tell you people! To say something is annoying or bothersome, you would use the Italian adjective, fastidioso. This in its own right is also a false-friend, because it does not mean the same thing that fastidious means in English (even though someone who is fastidious can very well be annoying).

Related words:
Fastidio – the Italian noun (m), meaning a bother, or an annoyance
Fastidiosamente – the Italian adverb, meaning annoyingly, irritatingly, or painstakingly
Dare fastidio – the Italian phrase, meaning to annoy or to bother
Piccolo fastidio ricorrente – the Italian phrase, meaning a pet peeve

‘E’ molto fastidioso usare Facebook sul cellulare.’ – It’s very annoying to use Facebook on a cellphone.

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