Dancing Fix: 28th + 29th

ONYX – Live from NY!

Now that summer is (pretty much) over, all of our favorite spots and regular indoor spaces have reopened. Yay!

Friday September 28:
ONYX: Hardcore hip-hop, East coast late 80’s/early 90’s style is taking over Garbatella tonight. Coming straight from Jamaica, Queens, NY, Onyx is hitting the stage tonight! It’s the ‘mad face invasion.’ Will you be there?!
Where: CSOA La Strada – Via Passino, 24
When: 10 PM
Cost: 10 euros

Circus Opening Party: If you’d rather spend your night in the center, head to Circus Roma, situated a few blocks from Piazza Navona. There is a long list of DJs spinning tonight, so expect a bunch of different music styles!
Where: Circus Roma – Via della Vetrina, 15
When: 9 PM
Cost: Free! Also free wi-fi, as the Facebook invite says. So… computer optional?

Saturday September 29:
Jazz Night: Head over to the San Giovanni area to catch our favorite jazz singer, Tess, with her famous Yellow Cabbies, belting out the classics. Check out the Facebook invite.
Where: Caffeteria 800 – Via S. Giovanni in Laterano, 278/b
When: 8 – 11 PM
Cost: 12 euros gets you a drink and some buffet action

Psych Out: Hitting Testaccio on Saturday night are: Shannon & The Clams + Las Ardillas + Le Chomage. The former being ‘the sound of a prom band in 1964 getting dosed with acid and having the sweetest lovelorn freak out.’ On the other hand, Las Ardillas are, ‘the prodigal children of Puerto Rican rock.’ How can you say no to that?
Where: Muzak – Via di Monte Testaccio, 38
When: 10:30 PM
Cost: 5 euros


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