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Roma Jazz Festival: Visual Jazz

Visual Jazz indeed!

Internationally acclaimed, Roma Jazz Festival returns this year, so get JAZZed up! Going on from October 12 – November 25, there is plenty of time to visit the Auditorium to catch all the sights and sounds that this year’s festival offers.

This year’s theme,”‘Visual Jazz,’ aims at catching the trends and the evolution of jazz music on both the international and national level,” explains Mario Ciampà, the festival’s artistic director. The interdisciplinary approach taken this year highlights the artistic expression born from the marriage of jazz and visual arts: cartoons, films, and documentaries for example.

There are screenings, exhibits, and performances scheduled for almost every day of the festival’s run. You can view the full program in pdf format, or visit the festival’s site, also available in English, for any information you may be looking for.

I can’t say I know a lot about jazz, but fellow Rome blog, Buzz in Rome has been kind enough to list some performances that are not to miss!

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