Word of the Day: Boccia

Coming from the Latin, bauca, a type of round vase used for water or wine, boccia is a bottle, pitcher, or carafe. The Italian noun is used frequently, mostly when referring to a bottle of alcohol or wine.

A boccia also refers to the ball that is tossed, or bowled when playing bocce ball: bocce is the plural of boccia. Still a fun and popular game, bocce ball was played all the way back in ancient Rome!

‘Porta una boccia di prosecco a cena.’ – Bring a bottle of prosecco to dinner.

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Boccia

  1. Hi, you forget another way to use “boccia” in Rome !
    It means also cut all hair off…let me make an example:
    Ieri mi sono fatto la boccia !
    Yesterday I cut all my hair off !
    The smooth head in fact is associated to the boccia ball
    Do you know if there is in english a similar way of saying ?

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