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This Friday…


What? A massive dance party this Friday night!

Who? Neobyrd  from Cairo, Hotflush’s Jack Haighton from Berlin and the Direktoratet from Copenhagen. Check out Neobyrd’s music video:

Why? Proceeds go to the Sound Foundation, using musical education to encourage young people in Africa to attend school and bring real economic and social benefits to their lives.

Where?  La Città dell’Altra Economia, an adjunct to Macro Testaccio near Piramide (Largo Dino Frisullo, 00153 Rome, Italy)

When? 9pm, this Friday night 5th, July

Cost? Beers 4 euro, cocktails 7. Only 10 euros to get in if you click “attending” on the facebook event (below or look up Sound Foundation Fundraiser on Facebook)

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