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Photography: Salgado’s Genesis

Salgado iceberg

Sebastião Salgado’s collection Genesis is a selection of 200 prints taken from 8 years of work in 32 countries. There’s just over a months left to see it at the New Exhibition space at the Ara Pacis and I highly recommend stepping off the hot Roman streets into a world of ethereal vistas, teeming wildlife, and images of people living intimately with the earth.

The journey of Genesis will take you across five continents documenting the planet in beautiful black and white images that Salgado hopes will remind us that we ourselves are the biggest threat to its survival.

“We are all so out of touch,” Salgado said when he unveiled the collection at London’s Natural History Museum last April. “We don’t feel part of the planet any more. Genesis is about the unspoiled planet, the most pristine parts, and a way of life that is traditional and in harmony with nature – the way we used to be.”

Salgado elephant salgadopeople


When: finishes 15th September

Where: Museo dell’Ara Pacis in the New exhibition Space. On the Lungotevere near Ponte Cavour


Tuesday – Sunday 9am to 7pm (10pm Thursdays)

Monday: closed


Exhibition only: 10 euros (full price) 8 euros (under 26)

Museum* and exhibition: 16 euros /12 reduced

*Wouldn’t recommend paying for the museum. They have conveniently placed the Ara Pacis (or “Altar of Peace”) in a room with glass walls so viewing from outdoors is sufficient.

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