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Rush: English film in Rome


If you’re looking for an English movie in Rome, Ron Howard’s Rush is all the rage. (Could not resist the opportunity for absurd alliteration.)

Review by YiR contributor (and film expert!): Henry Mouat

In the wake of the dumb and dumber Fast and Furious installments these past few summers, Rush races into theaters in the hopes of striking a balance between squealing tires and serious characters. From director Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon) Rush is not about hydraulics and twisted metal (although it features plenty of both) but about the fierce rivalry between two of Formula One’s greatest champions, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth, who, despite from trading in his Thor costume for a driving suit, still looks like a Norse hero) is a hot-headed, live-fast-die-faster rock star of a racecar driver. His nemesis, Lauda (Daniel Bruhl, of Inglourious Basterds fame) is the reverse: a calculating, methodical driver who is perhaps too distanced from his emotions outside of the driver’s seat to attract many supporters. Their polarized approaches to life and to their ways of racing create brilliant friction on-road and off, and Howard manages to heighten their rivalry to mythic proportions by the film’s climax. Rush lets you feel the roar of the engines and the excitement of the race, but it also makes you feel the heartbeat of the man inside.


Cinema Multisala Barberini (Original Language: ONLY SEPTEMBER 1, OCTOBER 1 and 2)

Where: Piazza Barberini 24

When: 15:50, 20:10

How Much: €5 to €8 depending on what day/time you go

Cinema Nuovo Olimpia (Original Language)

Where: Via in Lucina 16, right off Via del Corso

When: 17:15, 20:00, 22:30

How Much: €6 to €8 depending on what day/time you go

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