Happening Now (quel che succede oggi)

If you’re in any of these piazzas this weekend… Buy a pepper plant in support of autistic children!

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday – the 4th, 5th, and 6th of October, 2013 – if you’re in any of the below piazzas, you can take part in the movement to help support autistic children. The association Una Breccia nel Muro, as well as the pediatric hospital of Rome Bambino Gesù, have put together this event in over 300 cities in Italy! Una Breccia nel Muro helps support the families of autistic children, and they’re trying to spread the word about how important this cause is. Let’s help them do it!

A 10 euro donation gets you a hot little pepper plant, and the funds will go towards helping to sustain the three centers currently open (two in Rome, one in Salerno) and the two that will soon open in Piedmont and Sicily.

Take a look at the below for piazzas in Rome, although volunteers of the association will be spread throughout the city as well! If you’re in any other city in Italy, take a look at their website to get a list of all the piazzas in the country where you can find the stands!

Mappa Roma Centro

If you’re around Galleria Sordi tomorrow (Saturday the 5th) around 5 PM, drop by to see the gorgeous actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta take part in selling the plants to support the cause!

cuore thumbnail

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