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Piccola Intervista: Alphabet Photography

amy portrait color matte
          Amy Farber came to Rome for love, perfected her photography skills, and now owns her own business, Letters From, LLC that captures the beauty and spirit of Italy and Ireland one exquisite detail at a time. Read on for her story, her tips for starting your own business, AND how to get a holiday discount on her beautiful photo art.
          Amy was one of the first people I became friends with in Rome and over the last few years of getting to know her, not only can I say I appreciate and rely on her friendship more than she knows but I’d challenge anybody to find a more hard working, positive and generous person. Amy has the unique ability of making you feel at home no matter what kind of day you’ve had or how far Rome might feel from the familiar. Her photography carries the same beautiful and heartfelt warmth that she does and I am so excited to share her story and art with you.
          Letters From is a web based business that sells alphabet photography. Their framed photo art combines photographs of objects in nature and architecture from Italy and Ireland that look like letters of the alphabet, to spell out a name or special word. For example, a little something to celebrate the “holiday” season:
          Go to to play around with forming your own words and swapping out letters to spell out anything you want (careful, it’s addictive).
         Letter art is perfect for home decor, wedding gifts, housewarmings…or holiday gifts. Spell out the name of a friend, family member, beloved city or sentiment in these uniquely personalized letter photographs that capture the details of Italy and Ireland from the curve of a doorway to the placement of paving stone.
         And for you Young in Rome readers, use the following promotional code to get a 10% discount on any purchase made before December 17: Letters10.
 1. What makes Letters From special?
Letters From is not the only Alphabet Photography company around, but we are unique because our photographs come from specific locations. We have a classic, Black and White and Sepia collection from Italy (see “Ciao Bella” below!), and a bold and colorful collection from Ireland. Our letter photographs offer a unique look into the smaller details of each place, and I think the spirit and personality of each country really shines through in the collections.
2. What brought you to Italy in the first place and what led you to stay here?
I came to Italy for love. I met my partner, who is British, while vacationing in California. After a year of long distance dating, I took a leap of faith and left my life in Chicago behind to join him in Rome, where he had relocated for work. Despite a few hiccups along the way – including the minor issue of being temporarily banned from Europe for staying too long without a Visa – Italy has become my home. We have been here nearly 4 years, and still going strong.
3. When did you first get the idea to start Letters From and how did that idea grow into your own business?
Alphabet photography caught my eye several years ago, when I first became interested in photography. I had a friend who was getting married, and instead of purchasing one for her wedding gift, I decided to try making one myself. I had a great time wandering around and searching for letters of the alphabet in the world around me, and I was hooked. Since I was living in arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I thought: What better place to take a chance and create an alphabet photography business of my own?
One year and hundreds of photographs later, Letters From Italy was born. From there, we quickly expanded to include an Irish collection, and the business became Letters From, LLC. Though I live in Europe and all of my photos were captured here, my business was founded in and operates from my hometown of Chicago. Our website currently ships only throughout the USA, but any Letters From, LLC etsy photographs can be shipped anywhere in the world!

4. Do you plan to include anymore countries beyond Italy and Ireland?

I do have plans for future locations and collections. As I am a Chicago girl at heart, I would love for my next collection to come from there. I would also love to do a tropical/beach themed collection in the near future, as well as a collection from London. My business offers me the perfect opportunity to explore new places, and I am always looking forward to the opportunity to grow.

ireland letters
5. Any advice for people who want to start their own internet-based business?
If you have a great idea, just jump in! There is a lot of information out there, but don’t feel like you need to know everything, or that everything has to be perfect before you begin. Use your resources, network, ask a million questions, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The hardest part is making the decision to stop thinking and start doing…and there are few things more satisfying than turning an idea into something real!
Love Resized
REMEMBER: Use promo code Letters10 from now until December 17th to get a 10% discount on any order at Happy Holidays!

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