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Anita Kunz’s Solo Show in Rome

You know when you pick up a copy of The New Yorker, or maybe Time magazine, Rolling Stone, Newsweek – no really, pick one, any one – and there is a distinct style to the cover art – it has expression, it’s sassy, and there’s something about it that I’d really like to describe in more artistic terms but I wasn’t even really good with a Crayola when I was little, but anyways, you get this odd sense of déjà vu. Have you seen that stroke somewhere else? Ladies and gentlemen, you have, because her work has graced covers the world over, and that distinctly recognizable hand is that of one Ms. Anita Kunz, Canadian by birth and global by talent, and from February 14th – April 2nd, 2014, you can see her series, The Bestiary, on display at the Dorothy Circus Gallery right here a Roma.

The Protectors Triptych

The Protectors Triptych

Oh, goodness! Where? In Via dei Pettinari 76, which is actually just a hop, skip, and half a jump away from Tiber Island, so you can enjoy a bit of a stroll along the Lungotevere while you’re at it, unless it’s still flooded, in which case, um, don’t do that, just go to the exhibit.

When is the gallery open?  Monday: 10,30 am-6,30 pm, Tuesday: 10,30 am-7,00 pm, Wednesday -Thursday: 10,30 am-7,30 pm, Friday – Saturday: 11,30 am-8,00 pm

Can I please see some of her work before I go? What? No. Kidding! Of course! Get your socks blown off here and here, the latter of which also has her biography, which would also blow your socks off except they’re both already gone. Suffice it to say that Anita has had her work displayed in solo shows all over the world, and in 2003 was the first woman and first Canadian to have a solo show at the Library of Congress in D.C. She also has works in the permanent collections of some of the world’s best museums and galleries.

YiR is a-wandering over to the exhibit this Friday, but if you don’t have a chance to go opening night but find yourself getting to take a look while the show is still in Rome, please do let us know what you thought!

As always, happy exploring, YiR-ers!

Victorian Stories 1, 2, & 3 Anita Kunz

Victorian Stories 1, 2, & 3
Anita Kunz

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