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The table cloth is not the garlic: Italian Tongue Twisters Part II


If last week’s Italian tongue twisters weren’t enough, here are four more pronunciation challenges to test your fluency. I can just imagine an Italian mamma giving a cooking lesson to her kids with the first one (said in a tone of utmost seriousness of course). 

Sul tagliere l’aglio taglia. Non tagliare la tovaglia. La tovaglia non é aglio. Se la tagli fai uno sbaglio.

On the cutting board the garlic is cut. Don’t cut the table cloth. The table cloth is not the garlic. If you cut it, you’ve made a mistake.

Sopra un sasso messo stava su se stesso un sasso stava.

Over a rock put on itself a rock was. (Some things are best un-translated)

In un piatto poco cupo, poco pepe cape.

In a dish not deep enough, not much pepper fits.

Paolo Pier Pancio pittore poco pratico promise pinger Padova per pure poco prezzo poi pentitosi perché poco pagato partí per Parma, propria patria, poi perí.

Paolo Pier Pancio, an innexpert painter promised to paint Padova for little money, repented afterwards for not being paid enough. He went to Parma, his homeland, and passed away.


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