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Yes! We’re doing a giveaway! Tell us about YOUR Rome – and win the coolest Rome travel guide!

In which we make new friends, and you get a pocket travel guide to Rome delivered to your door. But hurry! The contest is only from Wednesday – Saturday of this week!




You know what I love? Cookies. You know what I love outside the sphere of food? Meeting entrepreneurs determined to follow their dreams no matter how tough the goin’ is. And another thing I love (I love lots of things, thankfully) is when YiR gets to team up with great people that are fashioning a reality out of their fresh new ideas, and share that reality with our readers. It’s a win-win-win!

Meet Tine and Jakob, who together have created the small independent publisher A Book from Lind. Now meet their new travel guide of treasures, “Small Wonders of Rome”. Tine and Jakob describe their guide as offering “an alternative take on Rome for people who enjoy slow travel, organic food, modern art and such wonderful places as Urbana47 in Monti, Gelateria Fatamorgana in Trastevere and 22 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery in Centro Storico. It all comes on just one piece of A3 paper folded to A6 to fit any pocket or purse perfectly. The layout is beautiful, the map is easy to use and it’s printed on high-quality FSC certified paper.”

Okay, enough talking. How do I win this thing? You guys are so direct! Okay. A Book from Lind and YiR have teamed up for a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on our Instagram post here and tell us your favorite unusual place in Rome and what it is that makes it feel special to you; of course, if you have never been to Rome, we want to hear from you too, so tell us what place in the capital you are most excited/curious to explore, and why!

How long do I have? Three days, from the evening of Wednesday, 29 April (Rome time!) to the evening of Saturday, 2 May (yep, still Rome time). After that, we’ll randomly pick (and announce!) the three winners! We’ll then ask you guys to email us your preferred shipping address (wherever you may be), and A Book from Lind will ship you your very own copy of their Small Wonders of Rome!

That’s it! Just one short comment on our IG and you’re in to win!

Ready… Set….

Tell us about your Rome!


Sunday, 3 May update: We picked three winners at random from your awesome entries, and thought it would be fun to include their answers below. Thanks again to everyone who wrote in and made this such an amazing first giveaway experience! To many more…

@jenniferjlewis wrote: My favourite place in Rome is the top of the steps of Via Magnanapoli, next to Via IV Novembre and looking down towards Trajan’s column. It’s a great way to be introduced to the Eternal City, with ancient, modern, and much in between right within your grasp, ready to be explored; and a brilliant view at sunrise, daytime, sunset and evening.

@zoegm.jpg wrote: I have never been to Rome but I would sell my soul to spend a day in that beautiful city of history and amazingness. I can’t even imagine seeing the architecture, art, lifestyles in person… Just seeing pictures gives me heart palpitations. I would love to see the MACRO in Rome, I actually have a little project to visit as many as I can. Of course I can’t miss the Galleria Borghese. Can you tell I like art museums?

@5treet5cribbles wrote: My favorite place is MACRO in Testaccio! If you’re into the art scene, check it out. There is plenty of street art and tons of it also hidden behind the fence (poke your head in and look!). It’s a great place if you want to just chill out and have a drink, especially when events are organized in the summer! A true urban hangout.


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