Reviews (da condividere)

Trying out WithLocals: In which we scooter through Rome and also eat gelato

The future of tours: tapping into the local culture whilst you wander



Any To Do list for Rome worth its weight in salt will include, at the tippy top, sightseeing on the back of a Vespa. As Julius Caesar was fond of saying, this city is made for the zippy scooter (slight poetic license there), and there are few ways as efficient in covering ground (and the distance between beautiful ruins) and as flat-out fun. Of course, we want to pick the right tour, and this is true of any sightseeing expedition, whether it involve two wheels or no wheels: and this is where our friends at WithLocals come in.

Why are we loving WithLocals? Because they’re not just a tour company – they’re a connector, a way to tap directly into a culture. Travelers are connected to locals who have offered their experiences as hosts, whether it be a cooking class, a horseback riding expedition, a scooter tour, or a myriad other fun ways to get to know a city. When they recently launched in Rome, WithLocals reached out to see if YiR wanted to give them a try – which is how contributing writers Evy and James found themselves setting up an account, picking the tour they wanted, and zooming off into the sunset. The verdict? The whole process was super easy: the website is interactive (just scroll through to check out what’s available, prices, and times), and the tour guides respond to you directly.

Check out WithLocals here –and if you end up going on a tour with them, we’d love to hear about your experience – you can, as always, reach us via email!

Happy scootering, Roma!


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