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Leore Worried About Time: An Italy Short Story

“Leore walked through parts of Rome that felt much like passing through water, and if she wandered too far into some of the hidden piazzas, it felt as though movement forward stopped entirely. She would catch herself walking through the piazza with the fountain of the frogs and feel the inexorable passing of time stop.”

Leore Worried About Time

The lovely people at 34thParallel magazine did me the very great honor of publishing my short story on my favorite country in the world (spoiler: it’s Italy) and its enthralling, unique relationship with time. You can read the story here, with a mini interview with yours truly at the back.

If you have the chance to take a peek, please let me know your thoughts as well as your stories of your own experiences with Italy—leave a comment below, or you can always reach me at

Thank you thank you thank you, YiR-ers, and as always, happy reading!

Leore page 1


2 thoughts on “Leore Worried About Time: An Italy Short Story

  1. What a great theme, and Rome is a perfect place to explore this idea of time! Whenever I am in Rome I feel as if I’m walking around the top layer of phyllo pastry dough, knowing that there are many layers of time and history beneath me.

    Thanks for the read, Flavia. 🙂

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