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The subtitle of ‘The Italian Aunt’ is…


You (wonderful) readers voted for the subtitle of my upcoming book, The Italian Aunt, and I faithfully marked everything down, aaaaaaand the results are in! The subtitle will be….

A modern tale of homecoming through generations past

I love it! I hope you love it too! I really hope so, cause 44 percent of you voted for it! That said, since so many of you also liked the last of the four options (‘One global girl’s struggle to leave her roots behind will lead her to the memories of the women before her’) but thought it was too long to be a subtitle, I’m going to adapt that one to use as the back cover headline. Bam! Y’all solved two problems in one swing!

As promised, everyone who voted, whether that be through last week’s YiR post or through email or social media, got their names put in the running to win one of two copies of the book when it comes out in April 2018. The winners were randomly picked, and are:

Sarra, who voted via email
Stacy Di Anna Pollard, who voted via the blog post

I’ll reach out to both winners privately to notify them, and as soon as the book is out, will be sending them a copy!

Thank you to absolutely everyone who took time out of their busy day to vote. It meant the whole world to me, and I can’t wait to share the book with you!

I’ll be doing another giveaway closer to the book launch date as well.

Stay tuned for more book news soon, e grazie mille a tutti, YiR-ers!




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