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Rome – the Eternal City. Eternally beautiful, eternally enchanting, and eternally complicated. Young in Rome is here to guide you through the chaos. Featuring recommendations, advice, and personal stories from Rome’s expat community, Young in Rome is your source to navigating the city like a local.

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Flavia Brunetti Proietti

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Crazy in love with her home city of Rome and her adopted state of California. Always wants to explore, eat, read, scribble. Adores great quotes and anything involving authors J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, and Pat Conroy. A proud member of the iRead team of professional reviewers!

To check out Flavia’s writing portfolio, head over to flaviinrome.com!

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Past YiR

Lauren T. Mouat

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After moving to Rome three years ago, this Californian was only planning to stay for a year. But one year turned into two and then three and as any expat knows who’s been here for a couple years, once this city has a hold on you, it won’t let you go.

Maddie DeWitt


Producer by day, intrepid gastronomic explorer by night, and investigator, photographer and blogger of everything Rome by weekend and occasional day or night. Also, sincerely misses Mexican food.

Rebekah Junkermeier


Slightly obsessed with Roman history, religion, catacombs, and archaeology, and always looking for fun times.

Sam Alberts


Roman expert and master chef in training – currently splits his time between the kitchens at Pierluigi and the Rome Sustainable Food Project.

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