Euro 2012: It’s On (TV)

The sports bars around Rome have been a bit more crowded lately, since the European Soccer (or Football…) Championships started last Friday.  Matches are now well into the second round of group play, with Germany facing the Netherlands and Portugal taking on Denmark later tonight.  Here’s a quick roundup of spots promising to air all … Continue reading

Day Trips (tutte le strade portano a Roma) / Sports

Some people say they know they can’t believe…

..Nettuno we have a baseball team!* Ah, Summer. There’s nothing quite like unpacking the old leather and Wonderboy, listening to the crack of the bat, gargling out a few aimless “hey battah battah whaddya say kid?”s, and dragging on a cigarette while sipping some espresso. Wait. What? Yes, there may be a few quirks thrown … Continue reading