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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have been in Rome since December and your blogs are great! I am heading out now to the fireworks because I too “freakin love fireworks!” Question: is there really an “us” of is there just one writer for your site? Maybe we will have to meet up before my departure in September and talk more about our adventures!!

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  3. Hey Young in Rome bloggers! I love reading your weekend activities and word of the day. I was just wondering if you could update the Eat and Drink “table of the week, glass of the week, and top picks”. I love caffe della pace and discovered it thanks to you guys but I would love to see some new great spots. After 8 amazing months I am leaving Rome in 3 weeks and would love to hit a few more cool places before. 🙂 thanks

  4. Hi guys! I’m roman girls, and I enjoyed very much to read this site!! it’s very funny to see Rome with your eyes! Sorry for my english, it’s not very well 😛 bye bye

  5. Hey guys i hope your still here in 2013, anyways im an american here in rome for a year. just would like to ask a few questions…like how the hell you learned the dialect hahah

    • Hi Stephen! Welcome to Rome! There’s lots of ways of learning the Roman dialect, I think the best advice we give is to immerse yourself in the local culture as much as you can – hang around in the local markets (Campo de Fiori actually has a great one during the day), watch Italian tv, make Italian friends! If you go out at night in more local spots (like the San Lorenzo neighborhood, for example) you’re more likely to meet Italians instead of only Americans. You can also always take language classes as well, of course, but for local customs and dialect, the best way to go is to immerse yourself! Feel free to shoot us an email as well if you have questions – Buona giornata!

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