Happening Now (quel che succede oggi)

Beatification Update

Pilgrims camping on Borgo Sant'Angelo in preparation for JPII's big day

It is crazy around the Vatican right now! The side streets around St. Peter’s Square are packed with throngs of pilgrims, camping out with mats and blankets. It is strange not to see the usual drinking and revelry that attends such huge events (concerts, soccer matches, national holidays), but there was nothing like that to be found. Flag waving, yes. Huge pictures of JPII everywhere, yes. Massive sounds systems, police, yes. But instead of drinking and carousing there were packs of nuns and priests and groups of Poles praying aloud with rosaries. Anyway. Ambulances, police, carabinieri, helicopters, lines of port-a-potties, flags, lights, people sleeping everywhere. Che casino!

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