Food & Drink (godiamoci la vita)

Gelato Break – Ciampini

ALWAYS order with panna

In a city where some of the most exciting culinary innovation seems to be in the gelato kitchen, it can be easy to forgo the old standbys. But, that my friends, would be doing a great disservice to your tastebuds.  For as delicious as a cone of finnochio e mandorla con fragola spumante (fennel and almond with strawberry sparkling wine) can be while walking about on warm weekend afternoon, sometimes the classics just hit the spot.  And if you’re going for classic flavors, then by all means go for a classic location!  Ciampini, with their roster of traditional yet perfect flavors, is an elegant choice to while away an afternoon of indulgence and people-watching on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, just off Via del Corso.  A cone to-go is the standard €2 + scale, but sometimes it’s worth it to fork over a few extra bucks to sit outside with a chilled metal cup keeping your heaping scoops of perfectly-rendered fondente e fragola (dark chocolate and strawberry – my fave combo) cold.  Plus, they’ll throw in a wafer too.

Where:  Ciampini, Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, 29

What: Creamy and flavorful gelato

Why: Because it’s just that good

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