Happening Now (quel che succede oggi)

A rose is a rose is a rose

But would it smell as sweet?

Before this latest rainy deluge struck our fair city (Roma, where we lay our scene), it was a perfect weekend for wandering, beaching, soaking up some rays, and just taking the time to stop and smell the roses.  Rome’s Rose Garden, at the bottom of the Aventine and just across from Circo Massimo, is open for its (very brief) season!  So get yourself over there before it closes back up on June 19 to take in over 1,000 different species of rose.  Although should you choose to sit back, relax, and use this picturesque location and its overwhelmingly rosy scent to transport yourself into your novel or epic poem of choice, let it be known that despite the dozens of people stretching out in the sunshine on the grass, you must confine yourself to the rather uncomfortable stony benches.  As long as one of the employees is around.  I’m not sure where he was for the first hour and  half we were laying out, but all I know is that once he appeared, I was no longer allowed to sit there because, and I quote, “Perche non si puo” (“because you can’t”, real mature, Rose garden employee dude).  Still, it’s a lovely place to stroll and I’m sure the benches aren’t that bad.

Where: Via di Valle Murcia, 6

When: Now until June 19th, open daily from 8am-7:30pm

How much: Zero

Why: Roses are red and violets are blue, go to the rose garden for a lovely view/because I’m telling you to/to try something new (it’s a choose your own rhyme adventure!)

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