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MAXXI-mize your Tuesday

Tonight, the MAXXI is hosting “The Architect’s Micronarratives”, the third installment in the six-part series  Architecture Visions/Erratic Language in Architectural Narratives.  This series of events, curated by Marco Brizzi and Paola Ricco, has been running since July in conjunction with the current exhibition “Exhibiting the collection. Architectural Projects from the Collection of MAXXI Architettura”.

Designed to highlight the issues of contemporary architecture in the search for language and modes of communication, Architecture Visions is broken down into three segments: Playing the Scenes (which was presented in July), The Architect’s Micronarratives (tonight and next week), and Buildings in the Spotlight (October).  These events are free, and feature short films and images about what looks to be some pretty cool contemporary architecture.

What: The Architects Micronarratives
Where: MAXXI, Via Guido Reni 4A, just off the Number 2 Tram, which runs from Flaminio/Piazza del Popolo
When: Tuesday, September 13 @ 8:30 (series continues next week)
Why: In a city full of ancient, Rennaisance and Baroque masterpieces, sometimes it’s nice to see what the newer guys are up to
How much: Free, our favorite

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