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Giornata Della Contemporanea

Tomas Saraceno's "Cloudy Dunes. When Friedman meets Bucky on Air-Port-City" at MACRO

This Saturday, October 8th, marks the seventh edition of “La Giornata della Contermporanea” aka The Day of Contemporary Art.  Sponsored by AMACI – The Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums – this giornata is intended to expose contemporary art to the public and stimulate cultural development on a local level. In addition to free entrances to a variety of museums (more on that later), the day will feature exhibitions, workshops, events and conferences to give the public the opportunity to encounter the complex world of contemporary art in an accessible way.  The initiative is supported by the Directorate General for Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art  of Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali), as well as many of Italy’s prominent cultural institutions.

For a full list of events in museums and galleries throughout Rome (and the rest of Italy!), check out the website.  There’s no English option, but Google Translate gives a pretty good approximation of the details!

Rome’s leading contemporary art museums are participating, but keep in mind the MACRO will be free all day, while the MAXXI is only free from 7pm-10pm (and if the lines on Notte dei Musei last spring were any indication, you might wanna get there on the early side). MACRO is currently showing a sweet Tomas Saraceno installation (see photo at top), as well as Dash Snow’s “Sisyphus, Sissy Fuss, Silly Puss”, one of the artist’s final completed works and a part of the “Three Amigos” exhibition going on across Rome alongside Nate Lowman at the American Academy and Dan Colen at Palazzo Rospigliosi.

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