Historical Sites (l'antichità)

Roman Aqueducts Exhibit at Cinecittàdue

An aqueduct in Nimes - these water-bearing bad boys stretched throughout the reaches of the Roman empire, not just in Rome itself

Over 1,000 Roman aqueducts are known to have been built between 312 BC and the end of the Roman Empire. The expert skill with which they were created and their incredible functionality (they supplied about 300 million gallons of water a day to Roman citizens) are legendary. In addition, their architectural profile has become an iconic part of the Rome cityscape today.

The Cinecittàdue Arte Contemporanea, the contemporary art project of the Cinecittàdue shopping center, explores the Roman aqueduct through the eyes of 32 different artists through a variety of different mediums, including painting, literature, photography, music and video art in their Roman Aqueducts exhibit. The exhibit runs until November 7th, and entrance is free.

The only shopping center in Europe to contain a permanent exhibit space, the Cinecittàdue is worth a visit for more than just retail therapy. Why not take a trip and update your fall wardrobe while taking in a free cultural experience as well?

Address: Centro Commerciale Cinecittàdue, Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 2 – 00173 Roma
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am- 7.30pm
Price: free entrance
Info: (+39) 06.7220902
Website: http://www.cinecittadue.com/content/acquedotti-romani

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