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Brunching in Rome: Fabrica

Brunch? Lunch? Who cares, it's all delicious!

If you find yourself in Prati on a Saturday or Sunday, around brunch o’clock, check out Fabrica’s spread.

Fabrica, mainly known for its coffees, teas, and pastries, rolls out quite a spread for their weekend brunch. I am not sure if it’s the same dishes every week, but this past Saturday I dined on: a shrimp, couscous salad, a rice salad, potatoes in a tomato sauce, baked ziti pasta, 2 quiches (egg and ham, and cheesy-veggie), cinnamon-flavored rice, roasted potatoes, and some eggplant-bechamel topped concoction. There was also a fish soup, and focaccia and bread. After the savory dishes, they rolled out a few different cakes and a berry pie. Everything was very delicious, and seconds/thirds were not looked down upon!
While this seems more like lunch, than brunch, it was still worth the trip!

Where: Fabrica Di Calisto on Via G. Savonarola, 8
Price: 18 euro – Coffee and other beverages were not included in the price.

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