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Zvia Talks to Romans: Gabriele, Radio Man

A radioman at work

Gabriele works for Radio Radicale, created in the 70’s as the first free radio transmission in Italy. They air all parliamentary sessions, and anything related to political and social issues.

Name: Gabriele Carracoy
Age: 27
Where are you from? Roma.
Which was the last restaurant in which you ate? A trattoria near Rome, I can’t remember the name.
Which was the last pub you drank at? Celestino, in San Lorenzo.
Do you generally listen to the radio?
Yes, in the morning.
Do you have a favorite station? Apart from the station with which I work, I listen to about 3-4 other channels regularly.
If you could start your own station, what would it be like? 50% informational, 50% messing around. In general, a station with many programs.
Do you think people listen to the radio? Many! I believe that the success of radio in Italy owes itself to the fact that Italians ALWAYS use their cars. When we are stuck in traffic, the radio is our companion.
For how long have you been working at Radio Radicale?
A year and a half.
Do you like your radio voice? Not really. Sometimes, after I’ve done some interviews, I go back and listen to them, and my voice seems like it came out of a war bulletin from the 40s!
Finish this sentence: ‘The bigger the microphone…” The bigger the risk.
What exactly is your job for Radio Radicale?
I do editing work related to the website. Sometimes I work with the archives, other times I do interviews. I am the youngest person there, so it happens that I do a bit of everything.
In your opinion, who listens to Radio Radicale? Journalists, politicians, judges, professors, government officials. It’s a talk-radio show, the themes are very interesting, but the rhythm and pace is slow.
What do you think about other radio stations in Italy?
I think that Italy offers a good variety of radio transmissions for all types of likes. Obviously, if one were to look closely at the panorama of Italian transmissions, we can see typical Italian habits/traits. For example, the number of stations dedicated to Mary, the Madonna!
What do you think about other radio stations in Rome? The one thing that is remarkable about radio transmissions in Rome, is the number of stations dedicated solely to soccer. It always makes me laugh when fans call to complain or to argue!
As someone who also does interviews, what do you think about my interview style? Answering your questions was fun, therefore the questions worked well. But clearly at the radio station, with the headphones on, it’s even more fun! Who knows, maybe the next time I’ll be the one interviewing you…

There you have it people, stay tuned for “Gabriele Talks to Americans: Zvia, Expert TV Watcher.”

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