This Weekend in Rome: February 10 – February 12

With yet another blizzardino bearing down on us this weekend, you might be well-served to heed last week’s suggestions of a few warm and cozy locales. Still, if you’re up for venturing out into the mild winds and light precipitation, here are our picks for this weekend (weather permitting, of course!)

Friday: UPDATE – The Capitoline Museums, along with the rest of the Musei in Comune, are closed Friday and Saturday due to weather. At this rate, our best Friday recommendation is to just get yourself to a grocery store and stock up before it all disappears.

The Capitoline Museums open a new show today called Feste, Danze e Furori which traces the roots of the Carnevale celebration back to Saturnalia, the Bacchanalia, and other ancient Roman festivities. The show has an archaeological focus, and features a stunning collection of frescoes, kylix, amphora, and vases, dating from the sixth century BC to the first century ADThe show runs until March 11th, but head there this weekend to get some historical context for the Carnevale celebrations kicking off on Saturday!

Saturday: Last week’s Super Bowl wasn’t rough enough for you? Well you’re in luck, as tomorrow afternoon Italy squares off against England at the Stadio Olimpico in the 6 Nations Rugby Cup. A little snowfall won’t scare off these boys, so check out LisTicket for info on available tickets. To chill out after a rugby-filled afternoon, head down to Testaccio for the Jazz & Creative Music Festival. Paolo Cintio, Giovanni Palombo, Gabriele Coen, Benny Penazzi, and Andrea Piccioni will take the stage at the ex-Mattatoio in Piazza Giustiniani (home of the MACRO-Testaccio) at 9pm.

Sunday: Two of Rome’s Musei in Comune are hosting day concerts this Sunday. The newly reopened Galleria d’Arte Moderna (located on Via Francesco Crispi, next to the Gagosian), features a line up of classical tunes starting at 11am. Admission to the concert is included with your museum ticket, and includes selections from Puccini, Dvorak, Debussy and Verdi. Simultaneously, over at the Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi, a five concert cycle from Baroque to Romanticism will unfold. Deemed “Musica in Maschera” (or “Music in Masks”), a costumed trio will be performing selections by Sammartini, Corelli, and Mozart in honor of Carnevale. Once again, admission to the show is included with museum ticket.

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