Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Addirittura!

So you read every single Young in Rome post? Scan all the pictures, read every interview, use every word of the day, do every suggested day trip, cook every recipe?! ADDIRITTURA!! 

Meaning even, actually, or the exclamation, really?!, addirittura is an adverb deriving from the Italian words, and dirittura. Technically, addirittura should be two separate words, but since they are said together so often, it has now become one word: a manner of speech.

A meaning ‘to,’ and dirittura meaning ‘the home stretch,’ somehow (no idea how) come together to mean absolutely, even, completely, really, straight away without a doubt…

Some examples might clarify its uses, since translating addirittura into English is a bit complicated:

1) ‘Hai mangiato un’antipasto, un primo, un secondo, un contorno, e anche un dolce?! Addirittura!’ – ‘You ate an appetizer, a first course, a second course, a side dish, and a dessert!? Really?!’
2) ‘Non si è solo laureato, pero ha finito addirittura con 110 e lode!’ – Not only did he graduate, he even had the highest score!
3) ‘Era talmente importante la cosa che doveva dirmi, che mi ha addirittura chiamato alle 4 di notte!’ – The thing he had to tell me was so important, that he even called me at 4 am!’

But just remember, addirittura is not really used in writing, it is generally spoken, and most of the time, said in an exclamatory way.

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