Holidays & Festivals (festeggiamo)

Carnevale isn’t quite over yet: Carnevalone Liberato!

So you guys thought that the carnevale season is over since we already ‘celebrated’ Ash Wednesday, and the start of Lent? Well, you’re WRONG. There is one more carnevale party, and it’s happening this Sunday!

Carnevalone Liberato, or the liberated carnevale, is sort of an anti-carnevale, carnevale. As the event’s page describes it, it is the ‘Party of self-liberation from the Papal states.’ Seeing that it is a party thrown every year after the start of Lent (when one ought to be an ascetic for 40 days), the organizers and attendees are clearing giving a big ‘you suck!’ to religion, specifically to Catholocism.

Having already attended once, I urge you all to go, because it’s a super fun and very unique experience. Many people go in costume, primarily in church or religion-related garb. Later at night, they always set a statue on fire, whether it be of a politician or the Pope… There are also many food and drink stands, and simply, all around revelry.

To get there, hop on the regional train that comes from Fiumicino- whether you catch it at Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, or Tiburtina, get off at Poggio Mirteto, (or the stop where the hoards of people get off). Check TrenItalia for times of the trains. The tickets cost €3.20 each way, and the ride takes about an hour.

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