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Whiskified Weekend: Spirit of Scotland Whisky Festival

Normally this is the kind of thing we’d save for the Weekend Roundup, but every once in a while, an activity or event stands out so much that it deserves its own post. And this time, that’s because it’s a whiskey festival. In Rome. For two whole days. This weekend. And you should probably go.

The Spirit of Scotland Festival of Whisky is taking place this Saturday and Sunday, in the first installment of what we hope to be an annual (or monthly?) event here in Rome. Dozens of leading Scotch producers are descending on the Aranciera di San Sisto down near the Terme di Caracalla on Saturday and Sunday.  Everyone from Ardbeg to Caol Illa to the The Balvenie will be in the house offering visitors a chance to sample their wares. In addition to the whisky producers, there will be extra support lent by some purveyors of the finest in Scottish cuisine – aka salmon, shortbread, and jam.  The festival is open from 3pm-midnight on Saturday, March 10 and again from 11am-7pm on Sunday. Entrance is 7 euro, and includes a tasting glass, a glass holder (I cannot WAIT to see these), and a tasting token. Additional tasting tokens can be purchased for one euro each – samples at each tasting booth will vary in token value according to age and availability – no one’s giving away that Glenfidditch 1937 for free…

Oh, and just FYI, the City of Rome Pipe Band will be there all weekend serenading visitors with their…bagpipes.

2 thoughts on “Whiskified Weekend: Spirit of Scotland Whisky Festival

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