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Cortoons: The International Short Animated Film Festival

What? (see title)

When? March 14th-18th. Here’s a link to the daily program.

Where? The Palladium Theater, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8.

Who? Academy Award winner Bill Plympton is the guest of honor, while the festival will feature shorts by animated filmmakers from all over the globe.

Cost? Free. Yes, “free” is apparently a word. There’s even a definition. Free, glorious free, hot sausage and mustard! If you are now looking for a good Roman dentist because your jaw just shattered into a bajillion pieces on the floor, sorry, I don’t know any. But hey, a purée diet can’t be all that bad. I hope you like soups and milkshakes!

For more information, check out the website (available in both Italian and English). For a little motivation (as if that whole “free” hubbub above wasn’t enough), join us after the jump for the adorable “Will and the Wheel,” last year’s winner for Best Italian Short:

Please go support this festival. It’s free. Free I tell you, free!

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