Music & Nightlife (dove c'è la musica è tutto bello)

DIGITALISM spielt in Rom!

The Digitalism boys.

Super geniale electro-house DJ-Duo, Digitalism, spielt in Rom am 3. April! Hole dir deine Konzertkarten!
Oh you don’t speak German? Fiiiiiiiine, English it is…

Digitalism are a German dance-electro-house-punk duo, founded in 2004 in Hamburg, made up by Jens  “Jence”  Moelle  and  İsmail “Isi” Tüfekçi (That’s an umlaut and a squiggly ‘c‘ right there).
Their most famous songs? Pogo and Zdarlight, just to name two.

They will be performing at Circolo degli Artisti on Tuesday April 3rd. Not only will the concert be great, but Circolo’s vast outdoor garden area is great for a pre/post-show drink, especially with this amazing summer-like weather.

Tickets cost €23 and you can buy them at the door (unless they sell out) or online at Greenticket. Show ‘starts’ at 9:30 PM.
For more info, in Italian, check out Circolo’s site or the Facebook event page.

See you there!

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