Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Cucchiaiando

I know what you’re [probably] thinking: ‘Wow, 4 vowels in a row!’
Whether or not other words exist in Italian that have that multiple vowels in a row,* I just took the liberty and created one: cucchiaiando, or in English, spooning. The infinitive? Cucchiaiare.
Another word in Young in Rome’s series of created Italian words, cucchiaiando, spooning, did not exist in Italian prior to when I invented it.** We can be sure that the act of spooning does indeed exist in Italy today, so why not the word as well?

I won’t go into the details of how one ought to cucchiaiare (not in this forum anyways), but to use the word, just conjugate it like any verb with an ‘are‘ ending.

For example:

‘Ti cucchiaio‘ – I spoon you.
‘Mi cucchiai?’ – Won’t you spoon me?
‘Ho passato la sera cucchiaiando.’ – I spent the evening spooning.

*I have been informed (grazie a Valeria D.L.) that there are indeed many words with 4+ vowels in a row. For example: aiuola, appollaiarsi, cuoiaio, just to name a few. Voweltastic!
** I also take credit for creating löffeln, or the German word for spooning. So back off.

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