Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Aperitivare

I’m sure an aperitivo needs no explanation, but just in case: it’s when you go to a bar or restaurant and order a commonly imbibed pre-dinner beverage (spritz, wine, beer…), and they throw in a plate of goodies or a buffet for free. Aperitivo comes from the medieval Latin word, aperitivus, which is derived from the latin verb, aperire, or, to open. All of this makes sense, since people have an aperitivo as an appetizer, or as something to whet the appetite, opening the door to dinner.

In Italian people use the verb ‘fare,’ literally, to make/do, or ‘prendere,’ to get, an aperitivo. I, on the other hand, would much rather have aperitivo be its own verb… ‘so let it be written. So let it be done.’ Aperitivare then, means to have, get, or go out for an aperitivo.

Aperitiviamo stasera?’ – Shall we get an aperitivo stasera?
‘Ti va di aperitivare?’ – Do you feel like getting an aperitivo?

PS– to all the Italians out there who claim that it’s cacophonous to say aperitivare, I say to you, tough nuggies.

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