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Time to Get Electrode!

Next up in my series of DYFO (dance your face off) events is Electrode, the independent electronic music festival at Forte Prenestino. This event runs two nights: June 8th and 9th. (I suggest Friday night at Electrode and Saturday night at the M.I.T. festival, to maximize your DYFO weekend.)

I am mostly excited about this festival because it headlines one of my most favorite groups: Paris’ own Birdy Nam Nam. They are a group of 4 DJs that take the stage together, mixing all sorts of awesome sounds and music, using the turntable as an actual musical instrument. I have seen them live before and they definitely rock hardcore. Enjoy their hit, Abbesses.

Apart from Birdy Nam Nam, there are many bands and DJs (I counted 63!!) playing at Forte’s four different stages. For example: D’Arcangelo, Ikonika, Addictive TV, and Lee Coombs, to name a few of the many. This is the 7th year that Forte is holding the festival, and it’s always a huge hit. I went to the festival two years ago, so I can say firsthand that it was a ton of fun, and a very cool and unique space for an event of this sort. Plus I remember paying 7 euros for a bottle of the Forte’s wine.

You can read all about the event at the Festival’s website, or Facebook page. Info also available in English! However I did not find how much it costs, nor the hour it actually begins. But who cares?!?! It’s Electrode!

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