Get Out the (International) Vote: A Young in Rome PSA

Yep, I went there.

While living, studying, or traveling abroad, it can often be easy (and, for some, relieving), to forget about the election season kicking into gear back home in the United States.  However, an international address should never be an excuse to not vote, particularly this year (not sure if you heard, but there’s a presidency at stake).  Fortunately, our good friends at Vote from Abroad have put together an easy to use website to help you register as an absentee voter, and make sure your vote counts – even if you cast your ballot from Piazza del Popolo instead of that elementary school multipurpose room down the street.  Visit their website, fill out some basic information, and before you know it you will have an absentee ballot in hand, and an opportunity to engage in one of the oldest and coolest democratic traditions – making your voice heard, while indulging in some really awesome gelato. But seriously, not everyone gets to vote, so take the 6 minutes to register for your absentee ballot, maybe carve out a little time to read up on the issues, and make your vote count.

And since it’s impossible to let these things go by without a little Roman history lesson – the word “vote” actually comes from the Latin word votum – a vow, wish, promise, or dedication.

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