Word of the Day: Sbaraglio

Today’s Word of the Day is commonly found in the phrase, ‘mandare allo sbaraglio,’ or ‘buttarsi nello sbaraglio.’ Literally, sbaraglio, the Italian noun means a fray, or a struggle/dispute. You can use it with the verb mandare, to send: to send someone into a dispute or a bad a situation. You can also use it with the reflexive verb, buttarsi, or to be thrown into a fight.

Sbaraglio comes from the Italian verb, sbaragliare, or to defeat, to destroy. From what I understand, sbaragliare may come from the Spanish, baralhar, to confuse. It may also come from the Italian noun for obstacle, or something that is barred up, sbarra/barra. 

‘Mi butto allo sbaraglio: una cena con i genitori della mia ragazza.’ – I’m throwing myself into a tough situation: dinner with my girlfriend’s parents.

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